Forest Neurotech

Ultrasound Technology.
Whole-Brain Health.

Committed to empowering individuals and improving lives by developing a minimally invasive ultrasonic whole-brain computer interface.

Brain-wide Interaction 
with Neural Circuits

Neurological and psychiatric disorders reflect imbalances in networks distributed across the brain. Forest is developing a minimally-invasive implant capable of measuring and modulating brain-wide activity. As a result, this technology will unlock personalized understanding and treatment of the human brain.

Minimally-invasive Ultrasound Implant

Neuroimaging and modulation throughout the brain is possible thanks to advances in ultrasound transducers and miniaturized electronics integrated into a single microchip. Powered by Butterfly Network’s Ultrasound-on-Chip Technology, Forest’s minimally-invasive implant will measure brain-wide function and continuously update therapeutics for many indications.

Forest Neurotech is a Focused Research Organization, a new type of large scale, non-profit startup.  

Sumner L. Norman, Ph.D.
Co-founder & CEO
Tyson Aflalo, Ph.D.
Co-founder & CSO
William Biederman, Ph.D.
Co-founder & CTO

Board & advisors

Brian Otis, Ph.D.
Board Member
Anastasia Gamick
Board Member
Mikhail Shapiro, Ph.D.
Elisa Konofagou, Ph.D.
Frank Fischer
Noah Richmond

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